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Julie Miller!




Bad Girl by Julie Miller

2015 RITA Finalist!


The launch story for Harlequin's new Intrigue NOIR digital-first series of gritty, steamy romantic suspense!

"I warned you this would be dangerous."

Trouble has a way of finding me. This time I'm hunting it down—bartending at After Dark, Kansas City's most exclusive gentleman's club. It's a world I've tried hard to escape. But the plush interior and secluded booths are a front for an illegal sex ring, tied to my sister's disappearance. And before I can locate Megan, I have to get past big, sexy Josiah Kemp.

The usual tricks—flirty smiles, subtle touches—don't seem to be working on Josiah. Something in his dark gaze says he knows my secrets…and has a few of his own. Learning he's an undercover cop posing as a bouncer complicates things, but he's the kind of man you want on your side—and everywhere else. With his help, I know I can get answers. Even if it takes a few rounds between the sheets to get them.

If you love heart-stopping suspense and fearless romance, look for Julie Miller's Harlequin Intrigue title Crossfire Christmas available now!



Three Cowboys by Julie Miller, Dana Marton, Paula Graves
Copyright © 2012 Harlequin Enterprises Limited


4 1/2 Stars Romantic Times BOOKreviews

Harlequin, ISBN #978-0-373-69658-1


VIRGIL by USA TODAY bestselling author Julie Miller
Detective Virgil "Bull" McCabe hadn't been back on the J-Bar-J Ranch in more than a decade. What he finds is his family in turmoil and his childhood friend, Tracy Cobb, all grown up...and more beautiful than ever.

MORGAN by Dana Marton
It took a lot to bring ex-soldier Morgan McCabe home. But when his brothers sent out a call for help, that was all the incentive he needed. Once there, though, it's his former flame, Dakota Dayton, and her toddler son who might just convince him to stay.

WYATT by Paula Graves
Sheriff Wyatt McCabe has faced a lot of criminals, but none as ruthless as the one holding his sister hostage. Now, forced to work with Elena Vargas, Wyatt has to ensure his family's safety without giving in to his burning attraction to the gorgeous agent.

"A missing teenager, a ruthless drug lord, an estranged family of heroic brothers and three exceptional women take these interconnected, tightly written stories and turn them into a tour de force!"-RT BookReviews



Ice Lake Anthology by Julie Miller, B.J. Daniels, Delores Fosen
Copyright © 2012 Harlequin Enterprises Limited

A new romantic suspense anthology featuring USA Today Bestselling Author B.J. Daniels, Delores Fossen and Julie Miller

"Stone Cold"

Harlequin, ISBN #978-0-373-83765-6

Wounded war hero Daniel Stone just wants to escape into the solitude of his Rocky Mountain home. But Deputy Sheriff Kylie Webber needs his help tracking down a pair of killers at the snowed-in Ice Lake Resort. Secretly in love with Daniel since she was girl, Kylie vows to heal his heart by turning stone-cold danger into red-hot love!




Pulling the Trigger

Copyright © 2009 Harlequin Enterprises Limited

 4 Stars Romantic Times BOOKreviews


Harlequin Intrigue, June 2009 ISBN #0-373-69405-1

It had been more than ten years since tracker Ethan Bia had seen the woman who'd loved him and left him with no explanation. FBI agent Joanna Rhodes was as beautiful and secretive as ever, but insisted on keeping their past—and their passion—where it belonged. Ethan knew tracking an elusive killer through the mountains was their assignment, but his need for answers was as tempting as his urge to touch Joanna. Unfortunately, resisting both was crucial to surviving this mission. A mission that would determine how long Joanna stuck around once it was over….

"Past and present collide in this emotionally gripping tale of pursuit and redemption."--RT BOOKreviews 


Beast in the Tower

Copyright © 2005 Harlequin Enterprises Limited

Read an Excerpt

4 Stars Romantic Times BOOKreviews

BEAST IN THE TOWER He's a Mystery Promotion

Harlequin Intrigue #966, ISBN #0-373-69233-1

A Millionaire Who No One’s Ever Seen…

Because He Only Comes Out At Night.

Months ago, arsonists burned Dr. Damon Sinclair’s laboratory. Now, Damon is a recluse, shut in at the top of his unfinished Sinclair Tower. And at the very bottom of the same building is the affectionate Kit Snow and her down-home diner.

After stopping a back-alley mugging, Kit’s good intentions earn her the gratitude of the dark knight doctor. Only, she doesn’t want his charity—just all of his most intimate secrets—putting her between her mysterious protector and the black marketers seeking to pillage the Sinclair pharmaceutical empire. But the only thing Damon guards closer than his multimillion-dollar formulas—is his heart.

Powerful, sexy, secretive…He’s a Mystery

" eerie tale of espionage and revenge."  Romantic Times BOOKreviews.



Forbidden Captor

Copyright © 2005 Harlequin Enterprises Limited


5 Stars! Romance Reviews Today

4 1/2 StarsRomantic Times BOOKreviews!

Big Sky Bounty Hunters: FORBIDDEN CAPTOR

Harlequin Intrigue #880, ISBN 0.373-22880-5

Beauty and the Bounty Hunter...

He'd fallen into enemy hands. Now, battle-scarred bounty hunter Bryce Martin and his comrades were imprisoned in dungeon like torture chambers on wind-whipped Devil's Fork Island. He was at the mercy of the barbaric militia members who'd been breaching homeland security, yet Bryce somehow forged a human connection with a mysterious servant girl. In the dark shadows of the night, gentle-hearted Anastasiya Belov saw beyond his beastly appearance to the tender man inside. Spurred by their desperate situation, a forbidden attraction ignited. Bryce's beautiful keeper was the key to escaping, but she led a double life in a dangerous game of survival. Could Bryce outsmart his foes...without sacrificing his most precious ally?

"Julie Miller's FORBIDDEN CAPTOR is a roller coaster of suspense and tenderness with a gentle but steel-spined heroine and a scarred and courageous hero in a race against time."---Pat Cooper, Romantic Times BookClub

"Another excellent book from Julie Miller!"---Romance Reveiws Today

"If you ever enjoyed the story Beauty and the Beast, you MUST read this book. Julie Miller is an excellent writer and I fell in love with her hero Bryce Martin."---Chris Roberts

The Big Sky stories are:
eHarlequin online prequel--Dana Marton
August--GOING TO EXTREMES--Intrigue--Amanda Stevens
September--BULLSEYE--Intrigue--Jessica Andersen
October--WARRIOR SPIRIT--Intrigue--Cassie Miles
November--FORBIDDEN CAPTOR--Intrigue--Julie Miller
December--RILEY'S RETRIBUTION--Intrigue--Rebecca York



Copyright © 2005 Harlequin Enterprises Limited

Read An Excerpt Reviewers' Choice Award Winner for Best Signature Select Collection (anthology) for 2005.

4 1/2 Stars!


Silhouette Books Signature Select Collection, ISBN # 0-373-28528-0

Sometimes Solving a Mystery Requires a Woman's Instincts . . .

When English professor Hannah Greene is recruited to accompany a university group on an extreme-adventure wilderness hike, she just prays she'll survive the trek through the mountains.  Especially when one by one, people start dying.  In order to say alive, she'll have to join forces with mountain guide Rafe Kincaid and find the killer among them.

"A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S MURDER" is suspenseful and action-packed from the first page and the love story is impassioned."---Amelia Richard, CataRomance Reviews



Riding the Storm

Copyright © 2005 Harlequin Enterprises Limited


Harlequin Signature Select, ISBN # 0-373-61296-6

Ordinary People . . .Extraordinary Circumstances

A hurricane is heading straight for the tiny coastal town of Turning Point, Texas.  Four volunteers from Courage Bay Emergency Services rush to the town's aid.  Their lives will never be the same again . . .

Paramedic Nate Kellison is as solid as a rock---and just as stubborn.  And to his way of thinking, volunteer firefighter Jolene Angel has more guts than sense.  She's a new widow, pregnant---and racing ahead of the storm on a string of dangerous rescues.  But when the hurricane hits, Nate and Jolene are forced to take shelter on her ranch.  And Nate realizes how much Jolene needs him . . . to take care of her



Keeping Watch

Copyright © 2003 Harlequin Enterprises Limited


Now Available in Digital Format


2-in-1 with Gayle Wilson

Harlequin Books, ISBN #0-373-83594-9

When Danger Drives Passion Over the Edge . . .

Faith Monroe had been framed for murder and now the killer was after her. She fled into the Wyoming mountains... and found herself at Jonas Beck's remote cabin. Jonas's gruff honesty and raw passion touched her soul. But had Faith found refuge... or a man more dangerous than the one she was fleeing?



Secret Agent Heiress

Copyright © 2001 Harlequin Enterprises Limited


Harlequin Intrigue #642,  ISBN #0-373-22642-X

THE MISSION: Baby-sit an Heiress

Banished to the boondocks of Montana after being mistakenly implicated in a political scandal, Whitney MacNair has to adjust to life without her family, her career--or any meaningful purpose.  Once on the fast track in Washington, she's now little more than a gofer for Daniel Austin, director of the covert Montana Confidential Agency.  Under the guise of a working horse ranch, the agents she works with are pursuing a terrorist group making inroads into the U.S. over the Canadian border.  The Black Order., as the terrorists call themselves, have been uprooted, exposed and arrested--except for their leader, Dimitri Chilton.  Desperate to escape the country alive, Chilton kidnaps Whitney--the only daughter of the wealthy and powerful MacNair family.

The MacNairs send the best rescue man in the business--NSA Agent, Vincent Romeo.  But betrayed by Chilton's American contact, Vincent and Whitney are stranded in the mountains and must survive a band of terrorists, the elements--and each other--to find their way home.

Romeo might be able to protect Whitney from the terrorists.  He might even be able to keep her safe from Washington's political scheming.  But how can he protect his heart from this vulnerable beauty?



The Duke's Covert Mission

Copyright © 2002 Harlequin Enterprises Limited



Harlequin Intrigue #666,  ISBN # 0-373-22666-7

Eleanor Standish is the devoted assistant to King Easton of Korosol.  But when this plain-Jane secretary transforms for one night as Cinderella, she is mistaken for the princess and is kidnapped.  Can a war hero turned royal bodyguard, Cade St. John, rescue her in time?  Or will a devious plot to overthrow the king himself get them both killed?

"Thrills abound . . ." --Rendezvous


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