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One Good Man by Julie Miller
Copyright © 2015 Harlequin Enterprises Limited

At last in digital release…The book that started it all… (June 2015)

In the first popular book in USA TODAY bestselling author Julie Miller’s miniseries The Taylor Clan, a KCPD cop goes undercover to protect a vulnerable beauty…

National Readers Choice Award Finalist!

Daphne du Maurier Award Finalist!

ONE GOOD MAN  Book 1 ~ Mitch's Story

Mitch Taylor had faith in his gun, his badge and his years of experience. But he knew society gal Casey Maynard was trouble, and protecting her would be hell. Twenty years on the force had toned Mitch’s body and honed his senses-keeping Casey safe from her stalker wasn’t the issue. Keeping himself from falling for her was. She’d been alone, scared for so long. But in Mitch’s arms Casey felt things she thought she’d lost forever: safety, trust…passion. She needed him there as a cop, to serve and protect. But she wanted him there as a man, to give her something worth living for….


One Good Man
Copyright © 2000  Harlequin Enterprises Limited


Sudden Engagement

Copyright © 2001 Harlequin Enterprises Limited

SUDDEN ENGAGEMENT Book 2 ~ Brett's Story
Harlequin Intrigue #619 ISBN #0-373-22619-5


With blazing blue eyes and beckoning broad shoulders, Brett Taylor was irresistible to most women.  But Detective Ginny Rafferty wasn't about to succumb to his potent charm. The lady cop had learned early about love and betrayal, and buried her feeling beneath her badge.  So the last thing she wanted was to pose as the brawny neighborhood hero's adoring fiancée, especially since she went weak in the knees every time he came too close.  But they'd both lost a loved one to the killer they hunted, and Ginny needed Brett's connections to catch the perpetrator.  Except she knew better than anyone that this sudden engagement could endanger her heart--and her life.  But some things were worth the risk.

"Julie Miller creates a suspenseful romance that keeps interest high."--Romantic Times


In The Blink of an Eye

Copyright © 2002 Harlequin Enterprises Limited

National Reader's Choice Award Finalist!

IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE Book 3 ~ Mac's Story
Harlequin Intrigue #651 ISBN #0-373-22651-9


Crime-scene Investigator Mac Taylor is known for his  intellect, his dry humor, and his dogged persistence in finding out the truth.  Blinded in an explosion at the lab that also killed his protégé, Mac has his legendary control tested by his new handicap and his newly-hired live-in nurse--Julia Dalton.  Jules is the freckled-face, braces-wearing tomboy-next-door all grown-up--stubborn and sassy, and to Mac's frustrated perception--surprisingly sexy.

"Ms. Miller has given us a treasure.  Her heroine is unusual and her hero is a true one-of-a-kind.  Look for more Taylors, I hope!"--Rendezvous


The Rookie

Copyright © 2003 Harlequin Enterprises Limited

THE  ROOKIE Book 4 ~ Josh's Story

Harlequin Intrigue #699 ISBN #0-373-22699-3

He Had All The Qualifications Of A Seasoned Veteran---On The Job . . . And Off!

Suddenly something was more important to rookie officer Josh Taylor than busting a campus drug ring and making detective. Because when Josh's undercover investigation strangely intersected with his older and pregnant professor, Rachel Livesay, sparks of danger---and passion---ignited.

"I couldn't put this book down!  Josh Taylor is totally sexy!"---Readers at eHarlequin .com 

"Ms. Miller does it again!"---Rendezvous


Kansas City's Bravest

Copyright © 2003 Harlequin Enterprises Limited


4 Stars!

RT BOOKreviews

KANSAS CITY'S BRAVEST   Book 5 ~ Gideon's Story

Harlequin Intrigue, July 2003  ISBN #0-373-22719-1 

Consumed By Out-of-Control Passion

Arson investigator Gideon Taylor had his hands full with three suspicious fires and no leads.  Complicating matters were his unresolved feelings for former colleague Meghan Wright---the one woman he'd never got out of his system.  She'd become the target of a stalker, whose proximity to Gideon's assignment was no coincidence.  But as Gideon and Meghan joined forces to uncover the secrets scorched to cinders, it was clear a five-alarm inferno was about to ignite between them.  Could they reveal who was responsible for what appeared to be an elaborate plan before the sizzling embers of their relationship were permanently extinguished . . .?

"This is a perfect summer read for lovers of romantic suspense."---Roberta Austin, The Word  On Romance

"Julie Miller captures the passion of two lovers whose desire for one another burns as brightly as the fires they fight."---Cindy Whitesel, Romantic Times BOOKclub

"Ms. Miller has written a book that has a wonderful blend of suspense, romantic scenes and endearing characters.  This is the perfect summer read for lovers of romantic suspense."---Roberta Austin, The Word On Romance


Unsanctioned Memories

Copyright © 2004 Harlequin Enterprises Limited

Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Winner--Best Series Romantic Suspense! 

UNSANCTIONED MEMORIES  Book 6 ~ Jessica's Story

Harlequin Intrigue #748, Jan. 2004  ISBN # 0-37322748-5


FBI agent Sam O'Rourke was on an unsanctioned mission to hunt down his sister's murderer. The lawman's investigation led him to Jessica Taylor--the one victim, in a string of many, who'd escaped with her life and whose missing memories made her a target for a demented madman. A case that had begun as an unrelenting thirst for vengeance suddenly aroused his every protective instinct. As Jess awakened his deadened heart with her beauty and unflinching courage, Sam developed an intensely personal stake in reeling in a killer.

"Miller crafts a solid suspense, with the right amount of romance and two wounded characters who seek peace in each other's arms."---Romantic Times BOOKclub



Last Man Standing

Copyright © 2004  by Harlequin Enterprises Limited

LAST MAN STANDING   Book 7 ~ Cole's Story

Harlequin Intrigue #795, June 2004  ISBN #0-373-22779-5

The exciting final chapter in the 7-book Taylor Clan series. Detective Cole Taylor had been undercover for so long, he felt more connected to the crime family he'd been assigned to bring down than to his own, real family. But when the Taylor Clan is suddenly targeted by a ruthless criminal, his loyalties are tested. He more than meets his match when undercover FBI agent Victoria Westin is thrown into the mix. The strong, savvy agent with an unexpected streak of vulnerability challenges him to be a better man, a better lover--a better cop. Soon, this man without a soul will be forced to risk everything to save his family, his life--and the woman he's grown to love.


Private Eye

Copyright © 2004  by Harlequin Enterprises Limited

4 1/2 Stars!

RT BOOKreviews

THE PRIVATE EYE--COP NEXT DOOR ~ A Taylor Clan Spin-off!

Anthology with Jayne Ann Krentz, Dani Sinclair & Julie Miller

Harlequin Romance, Jan. 2004 ISBN #0-373-835998-1

Loner Ethan Cross doesn't trust anyone--it's all part of the job for an undercover cop. So is his suspicious mind working overtime...or is his pretty new neighbor really hiding something?

"Miller has penned a hero worthy of our most romantic fantasies and a heroine with the perfect blend of vulnerability and strength."---Romantic Times BOOKclub


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