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is a yummy
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Intrigue Classics by Julie Miller

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Kansas City Secrets by Julie Miller

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The Scoop from Julie Miller




Dear Readers,

Wishing you well in all of this seasonís celebrations!

It has been a busy time around here. Be sure to check out the photos from the RT Booklovers Convention, held last month in Las Vegas, in case you havenít seen them posted on my Facebook page or Twitter feed already.

Now that Iím home, Iím working on copyedits for my December release with its spiffy new titleóKANSAS CITY COUNTDOWN. This one is a tense nail-biter, aka psychological suspense, in addition to the regular action you expect to find in a Julie Miller book. I feel it has an almost Gothic tone. Iím also writing the next book in my Precinct: Bachelors in Blue miniseries, tentatively titled NECESSARY ACTION. Iím also busy putting together blog posts for the Harlequin Blog and Just Romantic Suspense sites, and readying post cards to send out to the loyal readers on my mailing list in anticipation of my May 24th release (June 1 in digital), APB: BABY. APB: BABY launches my brand new Intrigue miniseries, The Precinct: Bachelors in Blue, featuring three brothers and their widowed fatheróall Kansas City cops!

Be sure to check out my Contests & Fun Page to read a new excerpt from APB: BABY. Plus, you can enter my monthly Book GiveAway Contest. This month the prize is extra special. I saved a bag of several books and goodies from the KICKASS COWBOYS, COPS AND KISSES Reader Event at the RT Convention, and Iíll be award it to one lucky reader at the end of May.

Finally, something new Iím toying with here. In addition to the monthly newsletter I post on my website, Iím planning to initiate a new e-mail newsletter that Iíll send out to readers quarterly. If youíd like to sign up your email address to receive a copy of Julie Miller news in your inbox, please email me HERE. You can also sign up by sending me a private message with your email address on my Facebook page.

Happy Reading!






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Intrigue Authors Julie Miller and Delores Fossen at Harlequin Party, NYC 2015

Julie with fellow USA TODAY
Bestselling author Delores Fossen
at the Harlequin VIP party.

"Amazon Bestseller in Military Romance!"

Make Mine A Marine Boxed Set by Julie Miller


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