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The Exciting Conclusion!

Yuletide Protector by Julie Miller

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The Scoop from Julie Miller




Dear Readers,

First of all, Happy Birthday to my mom! And to any other April celebrants out there!

April 1 marks the release of my very first all-me anthology! MAKE MINE A MARINE is officially out, in ebook only for now, but in several different formats. So whether youíre Kindle or NOOK, you read on your phone or computer, etc.óif you can read digital books, you can download MAKE MINE A MARINE. The anthology features 3 full-length romantic suspense novels featuring military heroes. For those readers who often ask when Iím going to write a single-title length romantic suspense novel, I have! These arenít Precinct stories, but feature a group of former Marine Corps operatives who are now in the bodyguard business. I hope to write a brand new story featuring one of their friends as the hero later this year.

In the meantime, thereís plenty to talk about on the Intrigue front. KCPD PROTECTOR, the lead title for August 2014, is going to have a prequel novella available online at all through the month of June. Iím writing that story now. The novella, tentatively titled THE BRIDESMAIDíS BODYGUARD, will have 30 short-short chapters, with a new one published each day throughout June. Then readers can get KCPD PROTECTOR July 1st at the Harlequin website. (August 1 through other outlets)

My next project is something brand new. Harlequin Intrigue NOIR is the new digital-first line that Harlequin will launch this fall, and Iíve been asked to write one of the stories for their first anthology. Intrigue NOIR is a darker, grittier, sexier version of the Intrigue romantic suspense stories readers love. While many readers love the traditional Intrigue (and those will certainly continue!), many readers have also asked for a little more steam, a little more atmosphere in their books. These NOIR books are for themÖand anyone whoís as big a fan of romantic suspense as I am. My story is tentatively called THE PRECINCT: AFTER DARK. Readers will recognize familiar Kansas City settings from my fictional Fourth Precinct. But there will be a few more curse words, a little more sex (think Blaze-ish) and some grittier themes. I hope my readers will give the new spin-off line of Intrigue NOIR a try.

As always, be sure to check out my Contests & Fun Page to read an excerpt from MAKE MINE A MARINE. And enter for a chance to win one of my backlist titles!

Happy Reading!





The Precinct: Task Force Miniseries--Courtsey of reader Leisa Wilkins!



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